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                                                       The Gift of Laughter
    Our mission is to help you stand out amongst the sea of gifts that your clients receive by sending them the gift they are guaranteed to love, appreciate, use and remember. This is also our most popular College Basket for that special someone who could use a break. 

    The Gift of Laughter is a brilliant gift because people will always associate you with the way you make them feel so leaving someone with the feeling of happiness is pretty much our entire goal.

    The bonus thing about this gift is that not only are you in front of your clients but now they are going to be sharing with others so naturally you just advertised yourself in the classiest way possible; by giving them a gift FOR THEM.

    When you give a gift to a client with your name or logo on it, is it really a gift for them or a gift for you? Trust us, you don't have to send them your name engraved on everything in order to get their attention, this elegant gift is guaranteed to be all over the coveted desk and they know who gave it to them.

    (In some circumstances using a logo on the jar could be beneficial especially for prospects so If a logo is what you want, we can do that for you as well so inquire about that if you need custom jars)

    Choose your Lid Color!

    Inside this beautiful leatherette basket is 

    • Cards Against Humanity 

    • 2 Mason Jars filled with Treats (Kettle Popcorn and Tootsie Rolls)

    • 1 Stainless Steel Double Walled Water Bottle

    • Leatherette 5x7 Picture Frame (Black)

    • Rae Dunn Note Pad

    • Leatherette Basket (Black)

    These Baskets are also available for large orders (corporate gifting and events)
    We can add your business cards/note cards to the baskets/stickers and also give other options for treats inside.
    Call us at 212 750 5555 or email us at orders@sweetgiftsbystar.com
    Check out our REFILL OF THE MONTH club where we can guarantee your jar stays on the desk since we will make sure its filled every month!