SweetGiftsbyStar Make A Statement


    We create Signature Gift Baskets for your company so when you need to send out a gift, we have your very own custom Gift Basket that will make a statement and leave an impression.

    Whether it’s a special treat you want included or an item with an imprinted message, we strive to create a gifting experience that will leave your recipient feeling appreciated and impressed. Not only will the contents be the ones that you have chosen, but we send the gift as if it came directly from you with your business card and note included. Gone are the days where you "just send something", and have a generic card written, now you can have your very own signature basket that represents your brand and will be a constant reminder of who sent it to them.

     From crystal topped water bottles and printed mugs to custom candy jars and other high end accessories for men and women, our gifts demand the desk. The inside contents that you can choose from are limitless. If you can dream up your signature basket we can make it for you. We are always on the hunt for the newest and hottest gift ideas so your basket can remain competitive in a world with so many people vying for the same client’s attention.

     How does it work?

     Once the basket is designed and you love it, we will order inventory of your items and keep it in your gift closet where we also have your business and notecards, ribbons, baskets and various contents.

    When you are in a business that requires you to be seen and remembered, it is important to give a gift that is seen and remembered and having a go-to signature gift basket saves time in searching for the perfect gift every time you need something. With just a quick call or email with the information of the recipient, your gift is on its way out the door in a NY minute.  Just like that little black dress or handsome suit in your closet, you should always be ready to impress at a moment’s notice.