SweetGiftsbyStar Make A Statement


    If all it took to retain your employees longer was to show them that you care a little more would you do it?

     Even just a 30 minute break standing around a basket of tantalizing treats laughing at fun and entertaining cards or office games rejuvenates the spirit and reminds employees that they are a part of something special. To feel connected to your coworkers and your office is to be able to enjoy going to work and not dread it.

     It is said that families that have dinner together tend to be much closer and can work together better as a unit than those who see one another in passing. Our custom break-baskets are designed to elicit conversation, join in laughter, share good food, build and bond strong teams, encourage socialization and allow everyone to feel included and connected. We mixed all of the elements of a Sunday dinner in to an office break basket. 

     Our clients have told us they find this to be “a very inexpensive way to bring a party to your office without having to go out somewhere” and “a little food and laughter to break up the day goes a long way for morale and retention”

    “the team building basket is a small investment with a huge return”


    All of our office baskets include enough food for 10 people to share, a variety of sweet and savory items, a card game or team building activity, dipping bows and forks or spoons tucked underneath.