SweetGiftsbyStar Make A Statement


    THE EXECUTIVE is really just the perfect gift for anyone that you want to send a stunning office gift to. This Small box packs a big punch with a Yeti Tumbler, Leather Picture Frame and gorgeous Candy Jar filled with Hershey Kisses.

    This statement piece is more than eye catching its EYE CANDY! Everything here is meant to last and guaranteed to stay on the coveted desk. A very elegant clear glass cylinder with a silver overlay filled with a pound of Hershey Kisses and sure to bring happiness to whoever sees it. This is not just a candy jar but an elegant office decor that will stick around long after the last kiss has been eaten.

    This is our most popular client appreciation gift because not only is it stunning and eye catching but it is a constant reminder of YOU. Sure, you can send someone a mug with your name on it, but is that really a gift for them? or a gift for you?

    This can be a gift of one time or it can be the gift that keeps on giving! If you want to brand these, just send us your business cards or we can order you custom stickers to send to clients attached to this elegant keepsake . 

    Choose your ribbon color to match your logo and send this branded jar to your clients. Ask us about our Candy Jar Refill Program! Call us we love being able to help you grow your business one kiss at a time.

    212 750 5555